Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Writer On: Me, apparently...

In a turn of events that my reveals my general ignorance of the blogging world I have so recklessly plunged into, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Please, hold the applause. The five people who are going to read this have probably all been nominated too.

Apparently anyone with less than a certain number of followers can be nominated (no surprises I'm eligible), and after listing eleven facts about yourself it's basically one of those 'answer these questions then pass it on' deals that spend most of their time floating around the shallow end of social media. Nevertheless, it was the delightful Lola who put me up to this, so her questions are worth answering.

Eleven alarmingly quirky facts about me:

1. I love the smell of cardboard. Seriously. Given enough time in a warehouse full of empty cardboard boxes, I could get high.
2. Power-points that are left switched on with nothing plugged into them irritate me. Usually enough to go and switch them off.
3. Same deal with crooked photos or paintings.
4. My love for cats could put many crazy cat women to shame.
5. I feel I would be happier if I lived in medieval times, despite the widespread poverty and plagues and such, because I love the idea of a world that can still contain big unknowns and 'undiscovered' lands. Plus, I'd be decent with a sword.
6. I am black-belt in karate and an instructor.
7. I own over 250 books, the majority of which are fantasy, spread between two bedrooms at home and my Dad's place.
8. As a child I invented something called a 'Tuckey'. It involved filling a cup with bathwater while the tub was emptying, stuffing a flannel inside and capping it off with the bath plug. Patent pending.
9. When shaving I remove the ends of my moustache first, to enjoy the moment that I look like Hitler.
10. I love immersing myself in water so much, I look forward to taking showers.
11. When bored I look up and correct Wiki entries on my favourite fandoms.

Now, on to Lola's questions.

What is my least favourite book genre?
Does non-fiction count? 
What is my least favourite colour?
I find orange very insincere. 
Pick one fictional character to snog, marry, avoid.
For completely shallow reasons I'd enjoy making out with Kaylee from Firefly. If I had to marry any fictional character it would be Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, even though I'm not gay, because he'd be the best husband ever. As for avoid, I think it's wise to give the dark lord Sauron a wide berth. 
What is your favourite TV program from childhood?
Blue Water High is the only thing I can remember being devoted to when I was young. It's the closest I've ever been to surf culture. 
Were you ever afraid of a children's show character?
Not that I can remember. 'And They Shall Know No Fear' and all that. 
What fruit do you consume most frequently?
Bananas. Emphasising the not-gay thing again. 
Would you rather be able to do a backflip or stand on your head?
I'm close to being able to do both. Backflip would be more fun, because headstands move all your blood to your head. 
(Question eight was answered in question seven)
What style(s) of dance have you had lessons for?
None. Don't tell my girlfriend. 
Which of your own characters are you most proud of having created?
Well, I'm not proud of Harlan, him being a psychopathic serial killer and all, but he is pretty cool. 
Would you rather like in Westeros/the Free Cities, Middle Earth or Narnia?
Middle. Earth. I'm planning to frame a map of that place and put it up on my wall. 

Well there you have, a lot of useless information about me. Check back next post when I write about something interesting (maybe).


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