Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Writer On: A Day in My Life

A day in the life of a writer, accuracy sold separately. Also in second person, because.

7:15 AM: Thanks to an accidental nudge of the tuning dial on your alarm you are woken by the polite voice of a Christian radio presenter. You turn him off without looking and try to hold onto that cool dream you were having. You're sure there was a cat in it...

7:16 AM: Your feet hit the floor and you're awake. Perhaps not quite ready to take on an army of ninja assassins, but give it a couple of minutes.

7:24 AM:
Breakfast is a bowl of cereal. Its the crappy Aldi version of Milo, but you console yourself with the thought that it might be better for you and fight the temptation to do as invited by the box and count the spots on Coco Cheetah. You should read instead. Where did you finish last night?

7:43 AM: What clothes should you wear today? The same ones you wore yesterday? That'll do. It's only uni and your friends all know you're lazy.

8:09 AM: You reach the top of your street and try to think of a poetic way to describe the morning. Failing, you put your headphones in instead.

8:33 AM: Here's the train. You scan each carriage as it goes past to make sure you don't get in with anyone dodgy, and then pick the first carriage you didn't look at for the thrill of the unknown.

9:38 AM: Campus again. Didn't this place used to cooler? Oh look, here comes Lola. Now the day is worth investing energy into.

10:20 AM: You'd think that in a fiction unit you might learn something about writing fiction. Instead, you're all subjected to two hours of this woman's banal droning. What would dying of boredom be like?

12:41 PM: The couch is comfy and the gang's all here. You've got your arm around Molly, and Lola and Watson are sitting opposite. Let's face it, this is the only reason you got out of bed this morning.

6:02 PM: Why is it always dark outside when you leave uni these days? You answer yourself with the line from Game of Thrones and refrain from saying it aloud.

8:13 PM: Karate is good. You throw a jumping spinning inwards crescent kick for no reason other than the second of air time it gives you. It was really cool, but no-one was watching.

10:35 PM: So tired. You really should go to bed, but you know you'll stay up on Facebook until eleven. Maybe you could write a new blog post...

Here's links to the blogs of two of my uni friends. We often mention each other, so we've decide to connect our blogs and use consistent code names so we can tell a linked story. I would never really be friends with someone named Lola.

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  1. Sounds like your average day is pretty amazing! You have some pretty cool friends, from the sounds of it. Especially that Lola chick. ;)