Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Writer on: This Blog


This, for those of you who are curious (or lost) is the personal blog of me, a writer. What does that mean? It means that here you'll find a whole lot of writerly opinions, musings and anecdotes most of which you could find in several other places on the Internet. Why stay here then? Well, for one I as a writer can guarantee perfect spelling and grammar, which any person with Internet access will know is becoming something of a rarity. But the dictionary has that too, and once you've looked up all the swear words you know reading the dictionary becomes about as exciting as sandpapering your own tongue. So what I offer is intelligent discussion of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Who am I that my opinion on things matters? Nobody, in the scope of the incomprehensibly large Universe we live in. However, I am a writer, at least in the sense that someone who picks up a gun and runs around yelling is a soldier, and that means creative expression is somewhat my forte'. If you don't know what forte' means you're probably in the wrong place. But condescending digressions aside, I am writing this because I believe that my insights are worth sharing. Whether or not anyone agrees with me will have to be seen.

If you've read this far then you've passed the point where you could back out without having wasted your time, so you may as well keep reading.

My plan for this blog is simply to write about whatever the hell I want to. I have half-concocted plans for long posts on politics, feminism, gender roles and basically anything controversial. But mixed in with those will be lighter musings an anything that takes my fancy. If you're looking for any rhyme or reason to this blog, you'd be better off trying to find a castle in the air.

On that obscure reference I'm signing off for the first of many posts. I hope anyone patient enough to read this will find something that makes it worthwhile.              

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